101 dull martians German.


Hi, my name is Jutta and I'm German. (Don't mention the war.)

As a C language lawyer and, generally, geek, I tend to have other geek friends with a particular ear for language. Not just programming language, any sort of language. Sometimes they send email to ask about translations of certain words, and I get to write cute little essays about, say, the difference between töten and umbringen.

Impairment Effects/Consequences

The illustration of public drunkenness in the materials from an online traffic school may look familiar.

The finer points of German death.

``Speaking of execution, is there any difference in usage or meaning between toeten and umbringen?''

From firewall to brandmauer

``Okay, then what's the difference between Feuer and Brand, *and* what's the difference between Wand and Mauer?''