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Spok's On­Line Books ***


Alex gopher, Project Bartleby at U Columbia (poems), Data Text Library, UK, Eris project (by author), mark-space, Modern English Collection at U Viriginia (etext, huge), Project Gutenberg, Internet Wiretap book collection (etext, large), Project Libellus (latin), Online Book Initiative.

  Individual books

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and Alice Through the Looking Glass; The King James Bible: with tables, without tables, search; The Book of the Law by Aleister Crowley, City of Bits - Space, Place, and the Infobahn by William J. Mitchell, Common Lisp the Language, 2nd Edition, by Guy Steele, Dracula, by Bram Stoker, The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr. (1918), Lolita, Thus spake Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by R. M. Pirsig.

Bookbinding and physical Paper

  Related Resources

The American Museum of Papermaking

  Texts on bookbinding

Bookbinding, a tutorial



Book Publishers and Retailers On-line

  About bookshops

Mike Crawford about how large discount book chains crush the retail business.

  Individual shops, Books Stacks, Intertain (discount, search, browse); Roswell: main search; UCI Bookstore, Softpro, Future Fantasy (Berkeley), J.F.Lehmanns.


  Individual contests

Hugo Award Winners, 1953-1994



Cecil Adams' The Straight Dope, Jim Clarage's Netsam



Zarf's interactive games **


Berkeley: Waste O' Time, CyberSight, Prentiss Riddle: hypertext fiction on the net.

  Particular hypertext

IMRF Choose Your Own Adventure, MIT: Drool, A thought..., The Maze, WAX, Lies, The Doomsday Brunette,

  Hypertext theory

Reese: Hypertext Fiction and Tree Fiction on the Web


  Indices gopher: Literature, Electronic Books and Journals,
shuttle: English Literature,
sunsite: The WWW VL

  Collections Screenwriters & Playwrights Page
inkspot: Children's Writers' Resource Page



Zines: Factsheet 5, John Labovitz's e-zine-list
General: NewsLink magazines (search)


Telecom Info Resources, mark-space Library

  Individual magazines

Michael Ernst: Media Watch, The Comics Journal, Containerized Freight, Fair, Lemon Custard (Comics), The Morpo Review, Salon, Scream Baby, TIME magazine, Upside Magazine, Scientific American (1840), Der Spiegel; Wired: Hotwired, login, Justin, Cosma, TiReD-WiReD (2D); bOING bOING, Literary Lunacy



Internet Movie Database, UK, Australia USA Germany Japan Korea South Africa


Buena Vista (Disney, Hollywood, Touchstone)
SFX's Production Hell, (reviews).
Hollywood's Coming from Cognitec/3rd Force Software, Inc. satirizes 15 recent big-time Hollywood movies that may or may not have to do with the Internet.



Newspaper Services Accessible on the Internet, (Homepage) by Steve Outing
NewsLink Newspapers
World News Index


mark-space Newspapers

  Individual newspapers

taz, TIME Daily, The Gate, The Nando Times, San Jose Mercury, The ``Electronic Telegraph'', German news today, Nova Scotia, Canada: The Daily News, online.



John Leavitt: Publishers and Retailers On-line, Yahoo, Peter Scott: Publishers' Catalogs Home Page, Virtual Library: Publishers


The Internet Book Shop at demon The Electronic Newsstand.

  Individual publishers

Random House, MIT Press, Macmillan Information SuperLibrary(tm), CMP Publications, Time/Warner, O'Reilly & Associates, O'Reilly Deutschland, The Addision­Wesley gopher, ftp server, WWW site; Addision­Wesley Germany, Penguin Books Mother Jones,



spok: On-line Reference Works
Reference at the English Server


The Alternative Dictionaries, user-contributed multilingual swear words.
Martin Ramsch: English language dictionaries
CobuildDirect Corpus Sampler, grep 40 lines from a huge database of spoken (transcribed) and written American and British sources.

  Individual references

Translations: EURODICAUTOM:; American to/from British English.
Humor, Slang: The Not So Correct Dictionary, The Totally Unofficial Rap Dictionary, POP Talk Lexicon
Hypertext Webster
Glossary of Typographic Terms
Roget's Thesaurus
Wortdsmyth Dictionary + Thesaurus
A German experiment via HyperG: Meyer's Lexikon - Das Wissen A-Z
John Bartlett: Familiar Quotations (glimpse search egine {A;B},C means (A and B) or C)
Eureka Research Libraries Information Network (login: ye.e49; password: z58elms)
Peter Flynn: Acronyms
LC Thesaurus for Graphic Materials: Topical Terms for Subject Access (LCTM)


  Collected Reviews and Recommendations

Book Recommendations of Real Folks at Homespun.

  Individual Reviewers
Glenn E. Cox: First Impressions, Anna Melnikoff: Obscure Books, Karl's Must-Read Books/Must-See Movies, Chris Lehmann, Tonya Browning: Book(s) of the Week, Nelson's books


  Collected short stories

Tom Boutell: Verbiage Magazine
Twoflower: A Future We'd Like To See
Wall O' Shame



NewsLink broadcasting: Television, International and US networks.


BBC, BBC Channel 4, CBS, Deutsche Welle, MTV odditites, TV Net (US Cable)


British Comedy


German ARD/ZDF (flakey), Austrian ORF, BTX/PAN; NOS, BBC

  Single programs

Late Show News (latest issue)


  Indices Author's Pen
magRack: Adolescent Literature Quick Author List
mark-space Library (by category)
sunsite/WWW VL: Literature/Authors
yahoo: Entertainment:Books:Authors

  Collections, Movements

Alive & Free, Atheist authors and their texts, beat: Literary Kicks, cyberpunk, Classics, Feminist Science Fiction, John Leavitt: SF writers, The Libyrinth, molly: Amat[eu]r Writers Page.

  Individual writers

Douglas Adams (THHGTTG, all five), Asimov, Jane Austen; Burroughs: Literary Kicks, InterNetWeb Zone; Lewis Carroll, Arthur C. Clarke; Arthur Conan Doyle: Sherlockian Homepage, 221B Baker Street; Emily Dickinson, William Gibson, James Joyce, Kibo, Steven Levy, C.S. Lewis, Marvin Minsky: papers via ftp, Society of the Mind CD-ROM @ voyager; PJ O'Rourke: gif, The Liberty Manifesto; Georges Perec, Thomas Pynchon, RICHH, Salman Rushdie; William Shakespeare browse, search; Bruce Sterling, Tolkien, Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens): Ever the Twain Shall Meet, Library, gopher, on the Phillipines, Robert Anton Wilson.



Computer-Generated Writing from Marius Watz.


Heretical Rhyme Generator in Berkely.

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