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Chicken Love Tragedy

The ``Chicken Love Tragedy'' JPEG that causes about half the accesses in my subtree was something I saved when it was posted to the USENET newsgroup alt.binaries.pictures.tasteless.

It was posted there, probably, after it appeared in the Fortean Times. The Fortean Times (for those who haven't had their weirdo coming-out yet) is a magazine dedicated to to the publication of news of weird events, often with questionable accuracy; it is named after Charles Fort, a guy who spend a lot of time scanning 20ies and 30ies newspapers ``researching'' fringe science. If you're looking for more weird or pathetic images, you might want to look at the Fortean Times photo highlights.

I found out about the Fortean source as I was on the brink of producing the world's first chicken death home page; but I won't do it with material that's so well-known among weirdoes. If you consider linking to the chicken image, or have linked to it, please link to the one at the Fortean Times, <a href="http://alpha.mic.dundee.ac.uk/ft/ft3.gif">.