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``&@%#!'' means that I've aimed too high again and hit my big nose with the long end of a spinning club.  Noses are very sensitive; hurting them does interesting things to one's adrenalin levels.  To me, that's the thing that makes juggling risky; not ``catching a torch on the wrong end,'' but ``being hit on my nose by a club and then killing someone in the ensuing rage.''

Jutta's safety tips for jugglers:

  1. Never juggle intoxicated.
  2. Choose a well­lit (or, in case of fluorescent props, well­darkened) place.
  3. Keep your thumbnails short.
  4. Allow yourself some time to warm up.
  5. And, before you learn to juggle, learn to duck.
Your nose will thank you for it.

[A nose on legs, similar to the brain on legs that populates the rest of these pages, saying `Thanks.']