troff/nroff, command line options

Unlike the case for Unix programs that use getopt(), all troff options that take arguments must be written as one word. That is, ``-n 1'' and ``-n1'' are different, and only ``-n1'' works as intended.


-o -a,b-c,d,e-
Print only pages
from the beginning to page a,
from b to c,
and from e to the end of the document.

-n N
Number the first generated page N.

-a N
Wait for a newline every N pages.
-m name
Read /usr/lib/tmac/ before the input.

Read standard input after the input files are exhausted (a trailing - should have the same effect.)

(troff) Write to standard output, not to the phototypesetter.

(troff) Print an ascii-representation of the output to stdout.

Don't produce formatted output, only error messages.
Set register a (one character) to value N.

Invoke the simultaneous input-output mode of the .rd request. (Huh?)

(nroff) Use tabs for output spacing. Assume 8 character tabs.

(nroff) Output terminal type is name.

(nroff) Produce equally-spaced words in adjusted lines, using full terminal resolution. I can't see this working.

-p N
(troff) Print all characters in font size N, but space them as usual.