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The private eye walked into the drug mogul's lush garden, the purse with the documents clutched to her side. She didn't protest when his thugs search her and remove her little browning and that knife she kept in her left heel for emergencies. ``A pity, Mrs. Greene, that you have stumbled upon our organisation's secret masterplan to world domination. I am afraid that you are too much of a security risk to let go.'' - ``That is most unfortunate. If my associate doesn't hear a certain keyword from me until six o'clock, she might conclude that I have been harmed and pass a certain envelope on to a certain police officer, causing you distress that I would prefer to avoid.'' - ``It's a pleasure to know I'm dealing with professionals, Mrs. Greene.''

Basic Service

Delay.com delays messages. You submit a message, a target address and a time at which to send the message, and receive a key in exchange. For that, you play a flat fee that depends on the duration of storage and the size of the message.

If delay.com never hears from you again, the message will be sent to the party at the agreed-upon time, fulfilling and terminating the contract.


At any time before the send time, if you present to delay.com the message key (encrypted with your personal key if PGP protection is in effect), you can cancel the message, terminating the contract. This is part of the basic service; there's no additional fee for processing a cancellation.

Additional services, available on request for a small extra fee:

Waived Cancellation

For an extra fee, you can waive cancellation of a message. The message will not be cancelled, even if you yourself demand it at a later time, even if you fully authenticate yourself through other means.

Recipient lists

The message is delivered to a group of people rather than a single person.

Paper delivery

The message is printed and sent to its recipients on paper in addition to electronic delivery.

Dead man switch

When the message is established, a second key is passed to the client. The message is delivered if, in a certain time interval, that second key is not sent to delay.com. Optionally, delay.com will attempt to contact the client by other means before that.