[For reasons that will become clear, please excuse the form letter.]


like many others, you sent me email asking for a copy of the IGP software being mailed to you, or asking for the address of a site to ftp an IGP executable from.

This isn't your fault (it isn't my fault, either), but actually,

I have nothing to do with IGP.
(Well, very little.)

I'm the author of a library that implements the audio compression standard GSM 06.10. IGP uses that library. The IGP author released a text via Clarinet (I haven't checked the Dr. Dobb's article) that says that a "software implementation" could be obtained from me; they forgot to say that what I have is the software for GSM, not the software for IGP (which I didn't know about until two days ago.)

How to get a precompiled IGP executable

I don't know. If you have one, I have a list of people here that could use a copy; if you send me a uuencoded, gzip'ed file, I'll pass it on. (Since I have nothing to do with IGP, and since I don't own a PC with a development environment either, I can't pull that one out of my hat.)

I have by now asked Sing Li from microWonders Inc (the company actually responsible for IGP) to provide a binary, who declined, writing

The entire package was meant more for developers and
experimenters and did not contain a compiled binary.

So, if you're not a developer and experimenter---sorry.

How to get IGP source code:

You can get the IGP source code via ftp from

	site			ftp.mv.com
	in the directory 	/pub/ddj/1994.internet-special
	as file			igp.zip
That source code also contains a binary version of the GSM library, as file gsm.lib, and a copy of the GSM source code for DOS, as file gsm.zip.

How to get the GSM source code
without getting IGP:

You can get the GSM source code for DOS - short file names and such - from
	site			ftp.mv.com
	in the directory 	/pub/ddj/1994.12
	as file			gsm-105.zip

You can get GSM source code for UNIX from

	site			ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de
	in the directory	/pub/local/kbs/tubmik/gsm
	file			gsm-1.0.5.tar.Z

The current patchlevel is 5. Use the archie client to find sites closer to you; ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de is difficult to access at times. If you write me an email telling me that you want the GSM source code (not "IGP" or "the speech compression source code" or "the executable"), I will email it to you as a uuencoded, gzip'ed tar-file.

"I already tried ftp.mv.com,
but couldn't find the IGP sources."

The people who maintain ftp.mv.com accidentally duplicated the 1994.12 directory into the 1994.internet-special directory. It has been fixed now (I verified that); please try again.

How to get more information about IGP:

Try sending email to Sing Li, microWonders Inc, 416-597-2671, Internet e-mail lsing@hookup.net, CompuServe e-mail 70214,3466. (microWonders is the company that offers IGP.)

``I can't use ftp.''

You can use ftp by email. Send an email to ftpmail@decwrl.dec.com with the following message body:

help quit

and DEC's ftpmail gateway will tell you how. (I haven't verified this. If all else fails, get back to me and I'll send you the files via email; but please be as specific as you can as to what you want.)


If you have any remaining questions, feel free to get back to me - this text is just trying to take the edge off the emails I've received in the last days.

Thank you very much for your patience; I wish you good luck in actually obtaining the program.

Jutta Degener (jutta@cs.tu-berlin.de)