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Instant C9x

The attached files were created by Doug Gwyn to supplement some C implementations that did not provide all of the C9x library. They may be useful to others in a similar situation, or perhaps as a base for these parts of a conforming C9x implementation.

The author has placed these files in the PUBLIC DOMAIN, so you may do what you wish with them without requiring further permission. There are no warranties expressed or implied. If you find problems, or add configuration parameters for a new platform, the author would appreciate being informed by e-mail:


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q8-2.shar shell archive 157187 bytes
q8-2.tar.Z compressed tar file    57122 bytes
q8-2.tar.gz gzipped tar file  28399 bytes zip archive  33650 bytes


Q8defs.h is a support header used by the other headers.

For each standard header X.h, the C source file X.c implements the functions defined by X.h.
inttypes.h inttypes.c
iso646.h not needed
locale.h locale.c
signal.h signal.c
stdbool.h not needed
stdint.h not needed
wchar.h wchar.c
wctype.h wctype.c

There is no Makefile, because the nature of this product requires its tailoring to one's specific development environment.

Much of this is currently UNTESTED, although there is source for a <stdint.h>/<inttypes.h> tester, sitest.c. Good luck!