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Camille Paglia, Astrologer

Camille Paglia, sometimes listed as a ``Celebrity atheist,'' does nevertheless buy into ``that complex Babylonian system standardized during the Hellenistic era.'' These quotes merely document that belief; what they mean to you will, of course, depend on how you think about astrology and astrologers.

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Sex, Art, and American Culture

I am partial to cyclic theories of reality, as in Hinduism or astrology and the ever-turning Wheel of Fortune.

Women with water signs prominent in their astrological charts know what I'm talking about.

Some of my character typologies, which may seem Jungian, are coming from astrology, that complex Babylonian system standardized during the Hellenistic era.

He told of once, among strangers, marching heavily up to a table and a woman calling out, "Taurus!" Italians have always been grounded in practical material reality, from the sewers and aqueducts of Roman engineering to our control of today's concrete and stonecutting trades. Kessler's Taurine physicality and materialism appealed to me.

He had an implacable Scorpio intensity.

Paglia says, as an Aries woman, she has had the most trouble with that aspect of Christianity, ...

Moon in Scorpio: Altamont was the end of Sixties illusions about the benevolence of human nature and mother nature.

I'm an astrologer - people don't mention this! I mean, everyone's attacked me for everything else. I mean, I'm an astrologer - it's right in my book. I endorse astrology. I believe in astrology. Will someone attack me for that? No!

Something is happening. It's a twenty-year astrological cycle that happened.

[voice calls out from audience] What's my sign? Who asked that? Who asked that question? I'm an Aries. What do you think? Bette Davis, Joan Crawford - please!

[About the reaction against p.c.] I honestly believe in big cultural weather patterns. I don't know what happened. It could have been Mars, or whatever, went into Aquarius.

Vamps & Tramps

My influences here were, first, Vico, Sprengler, and Yeats, whose vision of cataclysmic 2000-year cycles was drawn from pagan astrology, of which I was a Sixties convert.

On the one hand, I see all of nature and I honor it---the moon, the stars, the planets, all of that. As an astrologer, I just see it so clearly.