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Internet Global Phone

In the December 1994 issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal, an article I had written explained the overall architecture of GSM 06.10 and gave sources for a toy implementation of an algorithm similar to the one GSM uses.

At the same time, a special issue called "Dr. Dobb's Sourcebook for the Information Highway" came out that contained source code for a tool named IGP, Internet Global Phone.  The tool used the GSM library (among other things) to communicate voice through a 14,400 baud modem line.

I am not connected to IGP in any way, except that microWonders, Inc., the company that produces IGP, sent out a press release on ClariNet that omitted the word GSM in a crucial place, implying that an unqualified ``software implementation'' could be gotten from me.  Consequently, I first sent out a lot of form letters saying that I had nothing to do with IGP, and am now actually distributing their release.

Days later, the press release resurfaced as a news item in the Bangkok Post of November 30, 1994 that omitted the correct IGP source altogether, leaving only my email address., August 24th, 1995.   Comments and corrections are welcome.